January 30th 2015

Today we went over the top of the mountain and further into Andorra. And somehow the further into Andorra we went, it became more French and less Spanish.

As soon as we got over the peak and down the other side instead of being greeted in restaurants with “Ola” it was “Bonjour”, the first language in the menus was now French, everything was suddenly French.

Although, the group I’m with is pretty obviously British. So normally when we walk into a pub/restaurant/establishment people just say “Hello” because they know we’re British. And I say British because some of us are Welsh, and some of us are English. But somehow they know to speak English when they greet us. And that makes me feel pretty ignorant. Which is why I want to learn a foreign language (or four) because then when I travel Europe I don’t have to feel ignorant that I don’t know what anyone is saying to me. And they won’t have to greet me in English. They can greet me in whatever language they want (as long as it’s Spanish/French/German/Italian) and I’ll be able to respond appropriately.

It’s odd that just by looking at our group the waiter(ess) can discern that we’re British.

I’m still unsure as to why some parts of Andorra are Spanish and some parts are French.

Until tomorrow, Salut. Whatever that means.



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