January 23rd 2015

Today I booked a weekend away for Alice and me. I won’t say where we’re going because if she reads this it’ll spoil the surprise, and if she is reading this, I’d like to quickly say Hi I love you bye.

Booking this weekend highlighted a few of my main flaws, as, well… a human. We’ve been over the fact that I’m lazy as fuck, and as such I tend to leave things until the last minute. For example, I leave for skiing in 11 hours and have I packed yet? Have I got travel insurance yet? Have I any idea where my passport is?

Absolutely Fucking Not

(Quick shoutout to wordpress for having gif-capabilities)

Flaw 1) Laziness. So yeah, because I go skiing tomorrow, and because it’ll be February by the time I’m back, I had to sort out Valentines Day before I went. And I started trying to sort it out about six hours ago. I agonised over what the perfect trip was for hours, I looked everywhere, and I couldn’t decide. Flaw 2) indecisiveness. I went on all kinds of different trip websites, TripAdvisor, CityBreaks, and ironically, LastMinute.com. Eventually I found a few that satisfied what I was looking for (No spoilers, Alice.) and narrowed it down to about 3. And then I really couldn’t decide, because I wanted it to be perfect. I can’t really class being a perfectionist as a flaw of mine because I’m only a perfectionist some of the time. If you looked at the state of my room right now you couldn’t call me a perfectionist. But if you saw how many times I flicked back and forth between trip 1 and trip 3 you’d see that I was.

Eventually, I settled on a deal I found on Groupon. Now, if you’ve never used Groupon before this is supposed to be the part of the blog where I explain it to you. ‘cept I have no fucking idea what it is either. Evidently. Because I spent £xxx (Spoilers) on this trip thinking Groupon was just like laterooms/lastminute where I could book my room through them as a middle man. But ohhhhhhhhh no. Groupon effectively gives you, and now I see why it’s named thusly, a coupon for what you’ve bought. A voucher. So I hadn’t booked a weekend away. I’d bought a voucher for a weekend away. And when I read the Terms and Conditions on that voucher it said this.

“Valid January 2015 – March 2015 excluding: 13-14 February.”

Flaw 3) Naivety. (You could also say I’m not a perfectionist because I’m too lazy to find the alt code for the funny ‘i’ in naivety) I’d effectively dropped £xxx on a piece of (e-)paper that was useless to me. It couldn’t be used on Valentines day. I don’t remember seeing that before I’d put my card details in, but then again I was expecting another screen to pop up and ask me what date I wanted my booking to be for.

Then I panicked. But fortunately, Ropril from Groupon’s customer service was awake at 1:20am on a Saturday morning (Or a Friday night if we’re sticking to this its-not-tomorrow-until-i’ve-slept mantra) and he cancelled the transaction for me. No harm done.

But it did point out how slap dash, unorganised and lazy I am. Not that I wasn’t aware of that before, but it doesn’t often cost me £xxx like it very nearly did this time.

Until tomorrow, shout out to Ropril.



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