January 19th 2015

Today was my last exam. I’m officially finished with exams until May. and that feels fucking amazing. I came home from my exam and I slept for four hours. I spent my first four hours of freedom asleep. And I slept because I could. Because I didn’t have to walk to the library in the rain for a revision sesh.

I’ve done nothing productive with my day at all, I’ve pottered around the house, stayed in my room and caught up on some TV, Walked to Subway for lunch. I’ve done nothing all day and it has been an incredible day. Because I am at perfect liberty to do absolutely nothing if I want to. books

The only thing I will now say about exams is that I am glad they are over. From now on I get to have more time to do more interesting things, which in turn, I hope will make future blogs consist of slightly more than “Today I went to the library and tried not to end my life for a few hours. Tomorrow I will also go to the library.” I’m free to start making way through my christmas haul of books. That’s my first plan, but it might have to wait until I’m back from skiing. I leave on Saturday until the following Sunday. For the next few days I’m just going to enjoy my freedom by doing whatever the hell I want. I figured I’d blog earlier today, because I’m going out tonight to celebrate the exams being finished, I’m one half of the two-tenths of my house that have finished exams, the rest don’t finish until later in the week. So the other tenth and I are enjoying being finished whilst the other eight are in the library all day. I can’t say that I feel at all bad about that.

Until tomorrow, drink for tonight.



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