January 16th 2015

Today I had my penultimate exam of the penultimate exam period of my last year of University. Again there was no sign of 6497. But today I noticed something else other than the empty desk in front of me. I noticed, as I looked around the hall with half an hour of the two hour exam remaining, that a lot of people were facing forwards with their answer papers closed. Arms folded. Finished.

Now apart from making me panic that I wasn’t close to finishing yet, it made me question how arrogant you must have to be to sit there with half an hour left and think “There is no way I can pick up any extra marks now.” Unless you’re 100% sure you’ve got 100% on the exam, I don’t see any reason why you should not use every single minute of the two hours you’re allowed trying to get every extra percent you can.

I mean, with half an hour left of the exam you’re not allowed to leave the hall, it’s hardly like you can get your phone out and scroll through twitter or anything. So if you have to be there, why not make use of the time to, I don’t know, try and get a better mark in the exam?

The guy to my right must’ve finished after about an hour flat. And then he sat there for an hour twiddling his thumbs. Could he conceivably, honestly and with all confidence say that there is no way he could get an extra mark if he spent an hour flicking through his answers, re-doing his calculations, checking his method. Anything. Even if you just find one mistake, and pick up an extra two marks because of that, then that’s two marks you wouldn’t’ve had. Two marks could be the difference between a 2:1 and a first.

Until tomorrow, take what you can get.



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