January 12th 2015

Today I had the first exam of the penultimate batch of third year exams (I have 5 more in May). It went pretty shit, I won’t lie. It just seemed that all the work I did for it was just pretty irrelevant. The proofs I learnt didn’t come up, yet I was asked for proofs of things I’d never heard of.

But my main problem with the exam was that I couldn’t choose what question to answer. The structure of my third year exams is that there are 4 questions, and you choose 3 of them. Sounds easy enough, right? You just disregard the question that looks hardest, right? Nahhh, of course not. Instead of 3 I could do and one I couldn’t do, I found that I could do about half of all 4. There were parts of the fourth question that I would’ve got full marks on, but I couldn’t answer it because I chose to answer 1-3. If I was allowed to answer 75 marks worth any of the question parts on the paper I’d’ve got a lot higher mark. But I guess that’s why he made it like that, to make sure you knew all of the course or some bullshit.

In the mock exam he gave us it wasn’t like that, there would be one question fully on proofs, one on derivations, one on formulation, one of computation. But he decided that was too easy, I guess. So instead the structure was 4 questions involving a bit of everything. And I was stuck because the proofs I could do were paired in with the computations I couldn’t do. And, you guessed it, the computations I could do were paired with the proofs I couldn’t. I think there’s some kind of law about that.

I now have 2 full days until my next exam, and then another one the day after. 2.5 days for 2 modules. This’ll be fun.

Until tomorrow, onto the next one.



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