January 13th 2015

Today, for the first, yet hopefully not the last, I am not blogging from my bedroom. Right now I’m in the library, and I’m done for the day. I can’t revise any more today, but i’m waiting for my friends to finish so we can walk home. It’s also the first time I’m blogging from my windows surface tablet, so excuse any typing errors. Right now I can’t be bothered putting capitals where they should go, so I’m not going to.

I need to practice typing on the surface, I might have to spend a few hours writing lines like I’m in detention. A in a segue so move it’s almost like I planned it… that’s what being in the library all day feels like detention. I only ever had one detention at school and that was only because I was late thrice in a week. But now I’m in the library 11-11 every day it feels like thatgoing back to that one time I had a detention. Mindlessly copying out lines after lines trying to embed a message into my brain that I really have no idea what it means. it’s just practice. If I write a proof 10 times by the 11th I might remember it. If I do five different variations of the same question I might eventually know how to answer it without peeking looks at the answers. It’s just practice. It’s writing lines over and over until it sticks.

Until tomorrow, the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



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