January 11th 2015

Today, I learned that you can schedule posts to upload to WordPress without actually having to press the “publish button” So, in effect, when I go skiing, and hence when am out of Wifi range, I could still have a post go up every day I’m away, I’d just need to write the posts before I went away, and as long as nothing goes wrong I could keep up with my “Blog every day” goal.

It’s kind of cheating because I’m not actually blogging every day, but there would still be a new blog on here every day. And that counts. Right? Problem is I’d have to write 8/9 days worth of blogs in the few days between my exams finishing and my skiing starting. I struggle to think of something to say when I have to do it a day at a time, never mind 8/9 at a time.

First exam is tomorrow morning, feeling more confident than I did yesterday, and probably more confident than I will after it’s over tomorrow. Usually I’d have the afternoon off revision if I had an exam in the morning, but I can’t really afford to this time around. My exam schedule is hectic insofar as I have 3 in 5 days. Monday, Thursday, Friday. I can’t really lose a half a day of revision. so I’ll have a lunch break and then get straight back into revision. How exciting.

Until tomorrow, this one was a bit short.



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