January 10th 2015

Today, literally nothing of any note happened. I spent the morning and afternoon in the library and the evening in my room. Revising. Obviously. It’s not going well but it’s progressing. I’ve kinda settled on the fact that I am not going to get every single question mark, I’m not daft, I know that, so revision has been made easier by my decision to just “write off” certain questions. Because time is the variable which I have no control over, (which in fact makes it not a variable) I have to use my time wisely. So instead of spending hours slaving and aching and slogging over one proof for 8 marks, my time is better spent on, say, doing lots of examples of a computational question that’s worth 12 marks.

Right now I’m all about picking up marks wherever I can. Overall I (think I) need to average 63% over my next 9 exams to graduate with a 2:1, and that’s pretty steep. So I need to pick up banker marks that I know I can do to make sure I get the % I need. Rather than learning four of nine possible proofs that may come up.

I still feel like I could be doing more, even though I am literally revising from 11-11 with breaks only for food, coffee and what I like to call “sanity breaks” where I just sit for twenty minutes and flick through facebook, or twitter just to take my mind off the work for a bit. It’s helpful to take a break because then when I go back to the examples, I can test to see if I can still remember it when it’s not fresh in my memory. (That sounds like a pretty good excuse, right?) But yeah, I could do more. I think. Somehow. I just need more time.

Until tomorrow, today is only twenty four hours long.



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