January 6th 2015.

Today is now technically tomorrow. I haven’t been to sleep yet so it is still the 6th. We’ve been over this. Moving on. The reason it’s gone midnight at time of writing is because I left the library at gone midnight, I was planning to stay longer but apparently it’s only a 24 hour library some of the time, which is particularly unhelpful.

Long session today, punctuated by food and coffee breaks, made easier by use of Spotify. I purchased a 3-month Spotify premium package for a quid, because I have to listen to music whilst I revise. It’s almost like a break from revision whilst you’re still actually revising. It helps me concentrate by distracting me, if that makes sense? Usually at least. Today I was doing work whilst listening to a revision playlist on Spotify when a song came on that I recognised. Although I recognised the song and the lyrics, but didnt recognise it as coming from the person who was actually singing it, if that makes sense. Basically I’d heard another version of it. The song was called “Sweater Weather” by the Neighbourhood, and the line that resonated with me was the chorus.

“’cause it’s too cold for you here and now, so let me hold both your hands in the holes in my sweater”

I knew that I’d heard this line somewhere else in another song, and I’m the type of person that when something like that ticks with me, I have to find out where I know it from. If I’m watching a film and I see an actor I recognise, I’ll go on the films IMDB, find the actor, go on the actor’s IMDB and look at everything he/she’s ever been in until I find from what film I recognise them. Or if there’s a song playing in the background of a film, I’ll Shazam it to find out what it is. Or I’ll Google the lyrics.

Which is what I did today with Sweater Weather, although the problem is that when I Googled the lyrics all I could find was the version by The Neighbourhood. So I went on twitter and asked if anyone knew the song from anywhere, and someone sent me a cover version I may have heard. And that was closer, so I looked up more covers on youtube, and then I looked up versions of it on spotify. And then I had a flash of inspiration and thought maybe I’d heard Bastille do a live cover of it when I went to Optimus Alive festival in Portugal over the summer. So I looked for a video of the Bastille set from the festival, and I flicked through that to see if it was in there.

And without realising it I had been away from revision for thirty minutes, hadn’t even looked at my notes for half an hour, discarded them because I was so hell-bent on finding from where I knew this song. And I realised that if only I could swap my desire for finding the answer to something trivial like a song lyric, with a desire to find the answer to a question I was stuck on in my revision. Because I was stuck, and I got distracted by Sweater Weather, but then I proved to myself that I am capable of solid, non-interrupted work, but I just don’t always concentrate on the right thing.

Until tomorrow, redirect your attention.



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