January 2nd 2015

Today the streak is over and it lasted one day. One day. I said “I will blog every day of 2015” and I failed on the second day of 2015. I don’t think anyone has ever failed a New Years Resolution faster than I just did. Saying that, I imagine there have been people who have gone into New Years Eve saying “Next year, I will drink less” and then woken up on New Years morning with a tube in their arm and a pumped stomach. At least not blogging yesterday didn’t damage my health.

You know how as a kid on Christmas Eve you’d be too excited to sleep and end up being awake past midnight, then Mum would tell you “It’s not Christmas Day until you go to sleep.” Well I’m pulling that card here. It’s still January 2nd because I haven’t been to sleep yet. AKA I’m still keeping up with daily bloggings. That’s my story, officer, and I’m sticking to it.

Today I worked. (I refuse to say yesterday because I haven’t been to sleep yet) I need to work to pay for travelling, but I need to not be working so I have time to revise. Exams start in 9 days and I have 14 days worth of revision to do. Struggling to keep up a bit already.

I also Googled how much Rosetta Stone would cost. £115 per language I want to learn. Fuck that, I’ll have to find a way of learning languages that won’t involve selling a kidney.

Until tomorrow, ciao, Auf Wiedersehen, Au Revoir, Adíos.



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