January 1st 2015

Today I made a list.

On January 6th 2014 I made these resolutions:

1) Write a new book.
2) Publish my existing book
This will involve sub-resolutions that will include but not be exclusive to:
2a) actually finish the thing, with the help of proof readers/friends
2b) get a literary agent, publisher, editor, writing friend or whatever.
3) Do something charitable every day. (already failed) so “be more charitable” will have to do.
4) Find more time to read.
5) Improve my motivation, i.e, waste less time and increase productivity.
6) Manage my time better.
7) Decide what I want to do with my life.

How have I done? Well let’s see..

1) I’ve written a third of about three books so via Maths I’m counting that as a win.
2) Failed.
2a) It’s finished. Completely and to the point where I am happy with it/bored of re-reading it. Win.
2b) I approached an ex-teacher and asked her to be my editor, she said yes, then hasn’t replied to me since. Half win.
3) I tried, and was sometimes, but not enough. Half win.
4) Jan-July yes. August-December no. Half win.
5) Yeah, no… Fail.
6) I got a calendar and a Diary for christmas. But yeah, fail.
7) I want to graduate, travel, work in a publishing house, move to the states, sell a novel, sell a script, make a movie. That’s my life. Win.

That’s a better return from the resolutions than I thought I’d get, actually. Time for some new ones. (note: I’m writing this in a hurry so expect short sentences, and the reason i’m in a hurry is because it’s January 2nd in 12 minutes. More on this later.)

1) Blog every day. I’m terrified of losing my memory, my Grandad has dementia, and one day I might lose my memory too. And I want there to exist a physical record of my life, so I can be like “Hey, June 3rd 2029 I saw Taken 17 at the cinema and they really should’ve stopped 16 films ago.”
2) Run. Far. Not necessarily fast.
3) Travel. Far. Not necessarily fast.
– First, inter-railing around europe. Then, the world.
– 3 months, August to December.
– Maintain daily blog, incorporate into travel blog.
4) Learn an adequate amount of the native language of the countries I intend to visit. I’m not saying I’ll be fluent in French German Spanish and Italian by December 21st 2015, but I want to know enough to get around europe without the use of Google translate.
5) Read a lot, and read different. For Christmas I asked for exclusively books, and I was gifted as such. Gatsby. Mockingbird. Birdsong. Tolkein. Ulysses. Read different. Read more.
6) Graduate University with a 2:1 honours degree. This I’m not confident about because of my inability to keep up with numbers 5 and 6 on last years list.

Until tomorrow, Happy New Year.



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