Some Advice

To my future reader,

If you’ll permit me to get personal for a moment here; let me give you a piece of advice.  Never include your girlfriends name in a password, or as the answer to a security question.

Because when you break up, and you will inevitably break up, there will come a time when you will need that password again. And it may be well in the future when you think you’re over her, but just typing her name will bring up all the stuff you’ve been spending your time trying to forget about.

And yeah, you could just change the password, but you’ll convince yourself that because it’s been your password for so long that it’s clearly a good one because no one has guessed it. Or you’ll say that if you change it then you’re likely to forget the new one because no one likes change. You’ll do anything you can to talk yourself out of changing the password because secretly you just want an excuse to think about her in those five seconds when you’re typing out her name.

Don’t put her in the password of something you use often like your Facebook or your twitter or your tumblr, because then you’ll have to type it in every day and every day you will get that little trigger to start thinking about her again.

Don’t even put her in the password of something you barely ever log into, like your iCloud or your myTmobile account or your registration to Jamie’s Online recipe book or whatever, because if weeks or months or years after the inevitably messy break up you find yourself suddenly  needing to know exactly how many eggs you should use when making a spaghetti carbonara then you’ll log onto Jamie’s Recipe book and you’ll have to type in her name and everything will come back.

The password isn’t just a password to get into the site it’s a password that allows access to the safe in the back of your head where you’ve locked away all your memories of her and how carbonara was her favourite food, and you’ll convince yourself that it’s a sign that she must be thinking about you too because you just happened to be making her favourite dish when you thought of her.

And everything you’ve ever done to try and get over her will crumble, and once you’ve opened the safe just enough to allow a few bits to come creeping out the entire contents will soon follow, and you’ll have to start filing them away again bit by bit until the floor is clean and the door is closed enough that you can lock it by entering the same password you used to open it.

And the process repeats.


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