Resolution Revolution Revelation

To my future reader,

Hey, Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, happy Friday or whatever day it is when you’re reading this. Yes it’s been too long, yes you look like you’ve put on weight over Christmas, no I shouldn’t have told you that. CAN WE MOVE ON NOW?

Thank you.

Poor form recently on my part, I haven’t stuck to any plans I had or have when it came to this blog. When I finished writing my book I finished this as well, I guess. But, (and I am sorry but I have to say this, feel free to Alt+F4 the hell out of here and unfollow me for saying this) but “New Year, New Me.” and all that has made me come back to this.

I’ve waited too long to get round to this so I’ll just get right into it. I made a list. A list of resolutions. New Year’s resolutions. Let’s go.

1) Write a new book.
2) Publish my existing book
This will involve sub-resolutions that will include but not be exclusive to:
2a) actually finish the thing, with the help of proof readers/friends
2b) get a literary agent, publisher, editor, writing friend or whatever.
3) Do something charitable every day. (already failed) so “be more charitable” will have to do.
4) Find more time to read.
5) Improve my motivation, i.e, waste less time and increase productivity.
6) Manage my time better.
7) Decide what I want to do with my life.

Okay that’ll do. Most of those are inter-related, and most will help me progress as a novellist. I also have a few personal ones, but nothing that is important for the purposes of this blog.

Right now I’m in that phase where I remember that I’m a Uni student, and with student life comes exam life. Of which I have four to study for this month. So most of the Book related stuff will be pushed back to February. Fortunately, I already have the plan/outline of what my new book is going to be on/about mapped/planned out in my head/on my phone.

Whenever an idea comes to me, usually whilst I’m driving or in the Shower or doing something menial, whenever I get a sudden spark, I write it down on the “Notes” section on my phone, which automatically links to my iCloud so I can never lose it, and then I carry on with my day, and can expand on that idea later. So I’ve had my idea, and I’m running with it, and I quite like what I have so far. I’m genuinely looking forward to starting a new book, but my current one isn’t totally finished. It needs a lot of work still, so that list of resolutions is going to come in a pretty messed up order.

I’ve decided that my new year is going to come in February, because for this month I really have to study for exams. This is my second year at Uni, and exams and grades actually start counting towards my final degree score now. So I have to take it seriously.

One day I will blog about why I’m doing the complete wrong course, but not today. Today I have to learn about Chebyshev norms.


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